Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lyrical Genius

A couple posts ago, I blogged about the total ridiculousness of some song lyrics.  Now I think it's only fair to flip it around and pay homage to those lyrics that make me stop and say, that was freaking amazing.  And here you have:

Lyrics I Lust For (How's that for cheesy?):

Song: Fields of Gold
Artist: Sting
Lyric: And you can tell the sun in his jealous sky/When we walked in fields of gold

Really the words to this whole song are poetic and beautiful, but I absolutely love the concept of the sky being jealous of its crown jewel.  Can you imagine how that novel would read?  The images it would conjure?  The sky at the mercy of the blazing sun... ugh.  So gorgeous.  Tackling that one would require a much better writer than I!

Song: Fifteen
Artist: Taylor Swift
Lyric: In your life you'll do things greater/than dating a boy on the football team

Taylor haters better back it on up because to this I say yes, Yes, and YES Taylor Swift!!  I can't tell you how it bothers me that so many girls grow up believing it's more important to be pretty and popular than smart or kind.  LISTEN TO TAYLOR!  Life is not defined by who you are in high school!  Don't learn this the hard way like Sam in Before I Fall
I will never forget being introduced to a pretty young girl, whom I'll call Melody, in this manner: "This is Melody.  She's a cheerleader.  And her boyfriend is on the football team."  Which was supposed to be my cue to... what?  Squeal with delight?  Congratulate her?  Collapse under the weight of my jealousy?  I'm sure I'll never see the day when someone introduces me as such: "This is Gina.  She reads more books in a month than most people do in a year.  And she's married to an accountant."
There's too much emphasis on the wrong things in this world, and I give Taylor props for being pretty AND popular, and still wanting to do things greater than dating a boy on the football team. 

Song: Come on Get Higher
Artist: Matt Nathanson
Lyric: I miss the pull of your heart/I taste the sparks on your tongue/I see angels and devils and god when you come on/Hold on

Hel-lo.  That is one profound orgasm.  This is the kind of song I wish someone had written about me.  I know my husband loves me, but alas, the man deals in numbers, not words.  "Babe I love you" is the best I'm going to get.  As for me, I can't say I'm responsible for him seeing angels or devils but I'm pretty sure I've shown him the wrath of hell once or twice.  Does that count?  And while we're on the subject of hell...
Song: Grenade
Artist: Bruno Mars
Lyric: Tell the devil I said hey when you get back to where you're from

While I despise the rest of this song for its stalker-ish qualities, I love this line.  What a creative way to tell someone to go to Hell!

Song: End of Innoncence
Artist: Don Henley
Lyric: I need to remember this/So baby give me just one kiss/And let me take a long last look/Before we say goodbye /Just lay your head back on the ground/And let your hair fall all around me/Offer up your best defense/This is the end/This is the end of the innocence

I've never been crazy about the melody to this song, but I've always loved the words, especially since there are so many layers of innocence desecrated within it. Beautiful.  Nostalgic.  Tragic.

Song: Black
Artist: Pearl Jam
Lyric: I know some day you'll have a beautiful life/I know you'll be the sun/In somebody else's sky/But why, why can't it be mine?

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.  Eddie Vedders voice lends a heartbroken, haunted quality to already incredible lyrics.  It's the perfect song for anyone who's given all of his or herself to someone and had their heart crushed in return.  Oh Eddie.  As a girl rejected by almost every boy she ever longed for (except the one who mattered most), I find myself wanting to smack your muse for shattering your world and thank her for making you produce this epitome of amazingness.

Last but not least, if my book ever becomes a real book, and then becomes a movie, Second Star to the Right from an awesome local band, Waking Eliot, must go on the soundtrack!

And... am I showing my age if I say Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard is still one of the greatest dance songs ever?   And showing my immaturity by admitting I loved the Justin Bieber number on Glee last night?

So what music is YOUR muse?


  1. I love this post. What a clever idea. And I love your comments about Taylor Swift's lyrics. She's one smart girl. Looks fade over time (except in Hollywood). Intelligence and kindness doesn't (i.e you have control over them).

  2. Song: Couldn't Breathe
    Artist: Lennon

    Lyric: And I was too far to stand with you tonight/ And I was too lost to find my way home/ There was just this breath of air between us / And I couldn't breathe

    This song is about a relationship full of love and tension. I listen to it all time when I'm thinking about the romantic relationships in my novels--helps get me in the mood to for some good tension.

  3. Great post. I love Jason Mraz and Eve 6 because of their lyrics. I'm sure I could think of more if I took the time. Love this idea!

  4. Isn't it amazing what a song can do? Thanks for your comments guys!

  5. awesome post, gina!
    anyway, first, i must express my feelings at your husband's accountant-ism. i kind of have this thing for accountants, like a sort of a kinship, cause i want to be one too! (you prolly knew that by my blog, though...:D)
    but seriously though, accountancy is not boring. i hate that people seem to think that way. thus all this defensiveness.
    (i think when i rmr tomorrow i wrote this comment i shall die of shame)
    anyway, all of these songs are beeyooteeful. you should check out 'daniel' by bat for lashes--ze lyrics are STUNNING and adorableeee.
    also, you have 18 followers now! yayayayay. (just thought id show a bit of happiness and support, ya know?)

  6. thats a lot of anyways *headbang*

  7. that was supposed to be a *headdesk*. what the hell would i be headbanging for? methinks i should get some sleep. except i cant sleep without reading chapter three of your novel and finding out what happens :D

  8. Aleeza- I think you do need some sleep because I didn't say accountancy was boring :)
    I just can't think of any time when it's appropriate to introduce someone by their status or their significant other's status. It's not only rude but weird, no?
    And I have 19 followers!! I'll never forget who the first one was ;) How the heck did you find me anyway?

  9. yeah, you didn't say it, but it is the general conception, you know. me, i dont think its weird. i mean, what's to be shy of? but that just my opinion.
    i found you through kiersten white's blog! i was just skimming through some of her comments on her post and you just happened to say something that caught my eye. so i clicked on your blog link, and i was honestly so touched by how you were struggling in both your personal and writing life, and decided you needed some cheerleading.