Monday, May 11, 2015

Updates, Info, and Annotated ARCs of LAST YEAR'S MISTAKE!

Good Morning, Peeps!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Mother's Day. It just so happens that my birthday fell on Mother's Day some *mumble mumble* years ago, and today, my birthday falls on... well, today!

And to celebrate, I'm offering not one, but TWO chances to win annotated ARCs of LAST YEAR'S MISTAKE! (And if you'd like to know how much longer we have to wait for release day, I've added a handy-dandy little widget in the sidebar.)

The first giveaway is over at A Perfection Called Books. Rachel and Dana were kind enough to include me in their Meet the Newbies Feature (#MeetTheNewbs), and have a post up offering sneak peeks at some of the inside information you'll find in my ARC, like this:

 As well as some random facts about me. Like this one:

Embarrassing High School Moment Alert: I had zero fashion sense when I got to high school, thanks to spending 8 years wearing a uniform in Catholic grade school. One day I decided to make an attempt at dressing up, and wore a skirt. I borrowed a pair of heels from my mother, which I stupidly put on before walking to the bus stop. I fell, ripped my tights, and scraped my knee in front of all my neighbors. And worse, instead of turning around and going home, I got on the bus and went to school with a bloody leg and a gaping tear in my pantyhose.

Pretty awful, right? 

So I thought it might be fun to turn *your* #AwfulHSMoment into a chance at winning the second ARC - just leave a comment telling me all about one of your most embarrassing moments in high school, and/or tweet it to me using the hashtag above. 

It's that easy - and yes, it's international! I'll pick the winner on Friday, 5/15. 

***Be sure I have either your email address or your Twitter handle to notify you if you win!***

Some Other Fun Stuff

Did you know the first (non-annotated) chapter of LAST YEAR'S MISTAKE went live on YABooksCentral a couple weeks ago? Here's the link:

I was also featured in a local Georgia magazine called Our Milton Neighbor, courtesy of Marchet Butler, who did my head shots. Here's the article:

To clarify the typo - my launch party at Little Shop of Stories (with Rachael Allen, Lauren Morrill, and Julie Reece) is June 20th, and the FoxTale event (with Becky Albertalli, Katie M. Stout, and Melissa Hurst) is June 30th. More info about events and appearances available in the handy dandy tab at the top of my home page!

And last but not least, LYM was included in this amazing roundup of summer YA romances on the Barnes and Noble Teen Blog:

That's all for now. Is everyone ready for summer? I know I am!