Monday, February 14, 2011

Just Kiss Already Blogfest

I love kissing scenes!  So it makes perfect sense that I've decided to enter the Just Kiss Already Blogfest.  Here is the excerpt from my story (it's a little long, I know), tentatively titled Life Before Death:

It was the second time Michael had mentioned being a different person since I’d met him.  I was just about to ask what he meant by it when the wind kicked up, just as I had been afraid it might. It was even stronger coming off the water, and I stood in place squeezing my eyes shut and holding my hands (shoes, ice cream and all) in front of me, as if that would actually help. Bits of sand flew up and attacked like angry bees, stinging my cheeks. I shrieked, turning toward Michael’s arm to shield my face and he pulled me to him, hugging me protectively against his chest. The direction of the wind changed just then, blowing my hair against his shirt and sending fat, airborne droplets of cold ocean water smashing against his arm and the side of my head. Then, as suddenly as it had come on, the gusty outburst was over.

I could feel Michael’s chest shaking with laughter as I peeled my face from his shirt and opened one eye, the one that didn’t have wet hair plastered over it.

“This is starting to become a habit,” I said through my own laughter, recalling the way I wound up doused in water the night I met him.

“Guess you were right,” he said smiling down at me. His hands were on my shoulders, but before I could reach up to peel the sodden hair from my cheek, his fingers were gently brushing it away for me.

I wanted to answer with some witty reply, but the air evaporated from my lungs when his fingers brushed against my face. He continued to stroke my hair, though none of it was sticking to me anymore. Even if I had been able to speak, there was only one coherent thought flashing through my head: He’s going to kiss me.

And he did. His lips pressed gently against mine, cool and soft and electrifying all at once. I closed my eyes, afraid I might wake up if I moved any other part of my body. My eyelids fluttered open when he pulled away suddenly, and I saw that he was looking at me as if to ask if this was okay. My reaction surprised even me.

I threw my arms around his neck and stood on my toes, pressing my lips against his with complete abandon. His arms wrapped around me and I reveled in the way he felt and smelled and tasted. All my defenses had been carried away with the wind. I wasn’t doing this for Rebecca. I wasn’t doing it for my mother. This was entirely for me, and it felt like something I had waited for my whole life.

Michael lifted me right off the ground and I felt his lips curl into a smile.

“Not bad for just friends,” he said huskily.

Hope you enjoyed! 


  1. you really need to finish that book SOON. because i canNOT wait to read it! :D

  2. Oh so much fun! The selfish kiss... love those too. Very well done. Happy Valentine's!

  3. Thanks guys! I know it was only supposed to be 250 words so I've probably disqualified myself, but I couldn't bear to leave out the build up. I'm a sucker for kissing scenes!

    And Aleeza- be careful what you wish for because I WILL send large chunks of the story to you if you really want me to!

  4. Happy Valentines Day!! You did a great job here. I really enjoyed this piece!

  5. A sweet scene. I like how he continued to stroke her face even after he'd brushed the hair away. Tender.

  6. What a fun scene! And I love:

    "This was entirely for me, and it felt like something I had waited for my whole life."

  7. This was really sweet. I like the way he looked at her to make sure it was okay that he kissed her -- and the enthusiastic answer he received. Very nice!

  8. whee! Wonderful kissing scene Gina. The perfect amount of warmth and tension. You know I love kissing scenes. :)

  9. Wow, my male friends never kissed me like that. Okay, one did . . . hopefully things go further for your mc. ;)

  10. Oh that was great! Especially that she was doing it for herself.
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