Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Writer's Blog: Eye Candy Edition

I don't know about you, but I sometimes when I'm reading the description of a character I can't help but picture a face I've seen before.  More often than not I conjure a generic face, but when the opposite happens it's usually an actor, or a face I've seen in a magazine, or more rarely, someone I know in real life.

It's pretty easy to use actors for the hotties.  For example, I'm sure I've mentioned ad nauseum how much I loved the boys of Nightshade, Shay and Ren.  Ren is the sexy alpha male of the Bane pack, and the more I read, the more I saw a specific someone embodying this charismatic hottie.  I give you - and you can thank me later - Rick Malambri:


Ahem, 'scuse me.  Now that I've wiped the drool from my keyboard I can continue with the post.  I would LOVE if Rick were actually young enough to play Ren in a movie version of Nightshade.  But then again, how often are actual teenagers cast to play teenagers?  If he got rid of the 5:00 shadow, he might just pull it off.  Still, even Rick's tall-dark-n-sexiness couldn't distract me from how badly Step Up 3 sucked.  Aaaaand it's also kind of gross that he has the same name as my dad. 

Anyhow, I also found familiar faces floating around in my mind when I envisioned the male mc for my own story.  I mentioned a couple posts ago that I have a weakness for dark-haired, light-eyed boys, so it's no shock that my beloved Michael bears the killer combo.  At first, I pictured him looking a lot like a long-time crush of mine, Smallville's Tom Welling:

But since Tom is getting up there in years, eventually the image in my mind began to meld with a more age appropriate face, that of Vampire Diaries Steve McQueen:

Put 'em both together and whaddya got?  One smokin' mc, who's charming to boot.  I hope you'll all love him as much as I do one day!

So I'm curious-- do you ever picture actors or actresses in the roles of main characters?  Create a new face?  Or base them on someone you know? 

Or are you just scrolling back up to look at Rick again?  I know.  You're welcome : )


  1. ohmigod--rick is HAWT. ahem. yeah. and steven mcqueen is soooo cute! i pictured him as both the brother jeffrey and love interest christian in unearthly. weird, isn't it? :D and then i had to remind myself whenever jeffrey came up: that isn't how he looks like--he looks like [insert some vague-faced dude]
    kinda crazy.

  2. Oh yes, this happens to me too. Alot more when I'm reading then when I'm writing. There's ALWAYS an actor playing the main roles. lol.

  3. Interesting post heheheh. I have tried using some celebrity faces to help in visualisations, but if I have to tell my beta-readers that so-and-so looks like XYZ then I haven't been a very good writer