Monday, August 8, 2011


Sorry for the scarily enthusiastic title. After last Wednesday's post, I was in a serious funk. Yes, I know, I'm a ginormous baby. One little rejection and a few comment bubbles (ok, a whole crapload) on my query, and I was ready to lay down and die.

Seriously? What the heck was my problem? You'd think a person who's faced rejection plenty of times would have a thicker skin by now.

But I'm happy to say that the very thing causing my self-doubt wound up being the thing to pull me out of my rut: writing.

I started and abandoned a new WiP a while ago, and lately the characters, the images, and the story have started swirling around in my head again. Loudly. I ignored them, telling them I sucked far too much to ever turn them into anything other than a Word document, so just leave me alone already.

They didn't listen. 

On Friday, I had to write this scene, and haven't looked back since. I'm pumped. If the project I'm querying now isn't "The One," I think this new baby has a solid chance.

Join me in some fist pumping and Running Man, won't you?

Fine, I'll look like a dork all by myself. But I'll leave you with these photos from one of my favorite places on the planet - and the setting for New Baby - Newport, Rhode Island. Who wouldn't want to fall in love here??

Strolling the Cliffwalk

Girl, I think my butt gettin' big!
AKA walking the gardens at Rosecliff mansion

The Breakers. My home in a former life.

The harbor at sunset

The gardens at the Elms mansion

The Cliffwalk again. Because it most definitely makes an
appearance in the story.
Mansion converted into a Salve Regina dorm. Beats
the crap out of my dorm at UConn!


  1. Uh, WOW! I'm doing the shopping cart over here, personally. And the running man. Yeah, okay, and the cabbage patch for good measure.

    (Guys, I got to read one scene from new baby, and any of you lucky enough to beta it are going. to. DIE. It is so good.)

    Rhode Island is BEAUTIFUL. Let's make a deal, Gina and anyone else who feels like it - when we all get published, we go on a fancy writer's retreat there.

    Go, Gina, Go!!!!

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  2. That's what I love about writing. You're about to query your baby. Then you start a new book and become positive this will be the one. Somehow the rejections on the other one aren't so scaring anymore because you've now found a new baby to pour your heart into. :D

  3. seriously, don't let one rejection get you down, girl! i've never queried before, as you know, but even if i do, i plan on querying like, realllyyy widely, because i've heard there's this thing called 'subjectivity', and so hopefully i'll find at least ONE agent who likes my bookn enough to rep it you know?


    also! i agree with stina! new babies are awesome :)

  4. AHHH what a glorious sunset photo!!! And good for you, girl (joins you in the running man)!!!

  5. LOVE Newport! What a fantastic setting for a story--I'll definitely fist pump to that. :) Congrats!

  6. Woo-hoo! My fist is definitely pumping with you! Writing IS the antidote for those rejections. I've had plenty, and know that writing definitely helps. Glad to hear your next WIP is going well,it makes all the difference.

  7. lol, adorbs, and great pics :) Good luck with the WIP

  8. Oh yeah! The dorms were MY house in a former life!! Crazy!! lol.

    Thanks for sharing.


  9. Wow..great post! wonderful pics..Thanks for sharing this with me!

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