Friday, March 25, 2011

Clark Kent vs. Superman

I was at a doctor's appointment Wednesday morning when I spotted an issue of Entertainment Weekly on their magazine rack.  The cover showed off the newest Superman, someone I hadn't really heard of before: Henry Cavill. 

I thought to myself, that's the new Superman?  He's not even that cute.

Um... and THEN I got up off my butt.  And when I got up close, I almost turned into a big puddle of Gina right on that hideous, regulation doctor's office carpet.  Behold, the newest Superman:


I've made no secret of my weakness for light-eyed, dark-haired handsomeness, but this guy... HOLY SWOOOON!

And it only got better with the photo spread inside, because as perfectly as he pulls off the brooding, I'm-too-sexy-for-my-smile pose, guess what - he's ten times as cute when he smiles.  I couldn't find a picture I liked to prove it, but take my word for it.

Is it pathetic that I'm giggling like a teenager with a crush as I write this post?  Totally.

But this isn't even the first time I've gone gaga for someone who's donned the red cape.  I've mentioned several times that I have a long-standing crush on Tom Welling, who's been making me drool as Clark Kent on Smallville for the past eight years.  Well, five years.  I ranted at length in this post about the decline of Smallville after season five (the theme song still rocks, though.  See video below).
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So what is it about this superdude that makes me crazy?  'Cause I gotta tell you, it certainly ain't the blue spandex suit.  Worst. Superhero costume.  Ever. 

As it turns out, I'm not like Lois Lane, who is only in love with the Superman persona.  Nope.  After thinking long and hard about it, I am officially all about Clark Kent.

It makes perfect sense.   He's a journalist.  He likes writing.  I like writing.  See where this is going? 

Maybe it's because everyone and their mother claims to have a weakness for the confident boy, the "bad boy."  But I've never been a follow-the-crowd type girl, and I think smart is sexy.  I like guys who can rock glasses.  I like guys who are shy, and maybe even a little awkward, but still able to step up when you need them.  Add to the mix a business suit with abs of steel underneath, and for me, it's the epitome of hot.

Granted, Henry's and Tom's amazing eyes, adorable smiles, perfect bone structure and killer bods aren't hurting the situation any.  Even the thickest, blackest glasses can't hide those puppies. 

But ultimately, I'm a dork, and I love me a cute, dorky member of the opposite sex.  The only problem is, I can't tear my clothes apart and reveal my suddenly sexy, super-coordinated alter ego.  It's still just dorky, accident-prone me under there.

You can bet I won't be complaining, though, when Henry and Tom whip off their glasses to reveal those baby blues, or rip their shirts opent to reveal.... blech.  The blue spandex.  On second thought, keep the business suit on.  Or even Henry's "S" t-shirt. 

That neon blue unitard has GOT to go.  

Somebody Save Me indeed!  So who sets you swooning?  Superman, Clark Kent, Tom, or Henry? : )


  1. OMG, I TOTALLY swooned over that cover of EW! I normally recycle the magazines when we're done with them, but I held onto that one until we finally packed up to move. I told my husband it was for my little guy, who loves all the superheroes inside. (*blush*)

  2. LOVE Henry Cavill. I've loved him for a while, actually. So very swoonworthy! And I agree--Clark Kent trumps blue spandex any day!

  3. I hadn't seen the new Superman. He actually looks a lot like Tom Welling in my humble opinion.

    And I'm with you . . . all about Clark Kent. :)

  4. oooh, here's some fun trivia: Henry Cavill is how Steph Meyer actually pictured Edward Cullen. Idk why, but the role didn't end up going to him...but seriously, he'd have kicked Rob Patz's arse. :D

  5. Wow... if Henry got the part, I think I might have had to forgive the pastey, lovelorn cheesiness and hop on the Team Edward bandwagon!

    And Janet, you're right- Henry and Tom do look a little alike. I tend to fall in lust with the same guy over and over in varying forms!

  6. Sorry, I know there were a lot of words up there but all I saw was HUBBA HUBBA. Whew...we've got a new inductee into the virtual harem, I think!

    Thanks for sharing! Oh, and thanks for your vote today!