Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck O' the Irish Blogfest!

So I'm not even a little Irish, but I had the perfect scene from my YA work-in-progress to contribute to the Luck O' the Irish Blogfest

I know it's more excerpt than flash fiction, but the theme and the length both fit, so I hope Colene and Alexia won't mind that I still wanted to participate!

In this scene, two of the main characters, Kelsey and David, are at a Saint Patrick's Day party thrown by Kelsey's boyfriend, Ryan.  I hope you like it!  If you don't... not sure I want to know!

David's hands were perfectly steady as he placed them on either side of my face, his thumbs stroking my jaw bone. If he hadn't been exhaling pure alcohol instead of carbon dioxide, I would have wondered if he wasn't as drunk as he looked.

“Stop pretending you don’t miss me,” he said.

I blanched. "Jesus Dave, have another Car Bomb."

He grinned and leaned in closer. "Wanna taste?"

Don’t.” My voice was razor sharp.

His bleary eyes searched mine. Seeing that I wasn’t playing around, the corners of his mouth turned down and he pulled back a fraction of an inch. “Fine.”

Then, before I could stop him, he leaned in and softly kissed the shamrock painted on my cheek instead.  My knees buckled. How dare he? We’d done nothing but fight since he’d breezed back into my life. Now, here he was, in his stupid, ancient, Kiss Me, I’m Irish t-shirt, acting like the last year had never happened.  Making it impossible to concentrate on anything but the warmth of his lips, so close to mine.  Touching me so that I couldn’t even remember why I wasn’t supposed to want this.

“Am I interrupting something?” Ryan.

That was why.

The screen door slammed before I could answer. David’s hands slipped from my face as Ryan stormed off into the house, and I literally felt my heart rip in two, like they’d been using it in a game of tug-of-war.

I couldn’t think about how I was going to fix this. The only thing going through my head was the dumbest thought possible.

Where's the luck of the frigging Irish when I need it?  Happy effing Saint Patrick’s Day.

And now, the musical stylings of my favorite angel-voiced Irish lass, Mary from Waking Elliot!  (Sorry, but I have to post this every chance I get because I just love her voice, and this song, and because my cousin is in the video!)


  1. Great conflict setup here. Where's the rest I want to know.

  2. That was a great excerpt. It makes me want to keep reading.

  3. Oh, nice scene! I like the set up a lot--not acting, but might as well have for the response received... perfect way to keep the reader in your heroine's corner.

  4. AWESOME scene! I hated it for her!! Oh gosh...drama drama drama! I loved it! Awesome job and thanks for participating! Of course this counts!! You have been counted ;)

  5. Nicely done! She needs to kick the drunk in the beer nuts and run after Ryan.

  6. Thanks everyone! Boy, poor David isn't getting much sympathy. I promise he's not a drunk- and he's hot!

  7. okay, so ive said it before but...LOVE THIS!<3

  8. Ryan, go for Ryan, girl. Davey will break your heart, and it won't be good.

  9. Great excerpt! And it totally counts!

    So, was your cousin the dude they kept showing close up with the green eyes? Yum!

    Thanks for participating!

  10. What an amazing St. Patrick's Day scene! I'm pulling for Ryan, but the chemistry with Dave...yum.

  11. Hey, Gina,

    I enjoyed your excerpt. Great tension. I always like a good love triangle.


  12. Uh oh! I'm not a flash fiction writer so this worked for me. Wish I knew more even so that I could know what is going on, but even without it the tension certainly is there. Well done.

  13. (fans herself) steamy! I loved it. It left me wanting more!!

  14. Alexia- my cousin is actually the girl missing the bus, but I'm with you on the green-eyed dude!

  15. Great scene! Good tension and nicely written! Poor girl. Your description of David was excellent. :)

  16. Gosh, guys are jerks! Oh wait...

    Nicely done. AND I liked the music video a bunch!

  17. Doh, I hate when boys we have a past with come back into the picture and completely screw things up with the boy in the present!! Damn it to hell.

  18. I love this! I can't wait to read your Voice blogfest entry. :D