Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bucket List Blogfest!

Although I've never seen the movie, I actually do have a running Bucket List.  So it only made sense to participate in Swim-Write-Run's Bucket List Blogfest!

Some of these will probably seem very boring to the more worldy sorts, but it doesn't take a lot to make me happy.  In no particular order, here goes:

1) Write a novel worth publishing, if I haven't already
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2) Find an agent to represent said novel and help it reach maximum potential

3) Sell lots and lots of copies of said novel!

4) Rinse, lather, repeat steps one and three

5) See Bon Jovi in concert.  Yes, seriously.

6) Go to Italy.  My grandparents are straight off the boat, and I've never visited the motherland.  Pathetic and must be remedied! 

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Villa le Balze Gardens.  A scene in my novel takes place here ; )

7) Have a healthy baby and raise him/her to be a good, hardworking, honest person.  I've blogged about my struggles with infertility and can't wait to blog about the day I overcome them.

8) Find the means (and the courage) to stop "working for the man".  Almost ten years of living under someone else's thumb is quite enough, thank you.

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What do you mean only six vacations this season?! 
The show is Kate plus EIGHT!
Oh wait, you were talking about my kids?
  9) Figure out what makes Kate Gosselin such a beyotch and present her with a cure.

10) No, seriously.  I'd rather find a cure for cancer and sincerely hope I live to see that day.  I have several walking miracles in my family, and I long for the day we no longer have to hold our breath in fear of bad news coming back.  As for Kate... there's no cure for that.

11) Learn to speak Italian.  My Italian vocabulary consists of approximately four words: formaggio (cheese) Ciao (hello/goodbye), bella (beautiful) and mangia (eat).  Again, pathetic.

12) Conquer my fear of driving long distances.  To date, the furthest I've ever driven is from Monroe, CT to Storrs, CT which is a little over an hour.  Yep, that's pathetic too.

13) Write a song.  I love music so much, it only makes sense.

13-1/2) Be the subject of a song.  A really great, profound one, like Matt Nathanson's Come on Get Higher, or an utterly sweet one like John Mayer's Your Body is a Wonderland.  Not an unfortunate but fitting one like Baby Got Back.

14) Run a marathon.  I'm so out of shape I almost got winded typing the word marathon.

Gina... Come oooooon down!
 15) Play Plinko on the Price is Right

16) Take voice lessons.  I'm pretty good at carrying a tune and always wondered what kind of potential I'd have with the right training.

17) Build the house of my dreams and live there, happily ever after, with my husband and the family we worked so hard to create : ) 

17-1/2) Hire housekeeper to clean said house, because cleaning your own house sucks!

18) Get enough followers on my blog to host a contest and feel like people will actually participate!  I'm dying to host a contest!  (No pun intended)  So follow my blog, and tell your friends to follow too, and you'll be helping me cross an item off my Bucket List!

Looking forward to reading yours!


  1. I LOVE YOUR BUCKET LIST! ha, no, you totally won me over with the bon jovi point. I WANT TO SEE HIM IN CONCERT TOO! how can he be so hot even at, like, 50/60...? amazing. itd be SO COOL to rock out to his tunes. in fact, id love to rock out to any of the following's tunes: evanescence's/mika's/the maine's/linkin park's/[insert some other modern band's]. it'd be KICKASS.
    and the Ville La Balze Gardens are breathtaking. I seriously wish sometimes my ancestors were from somewhere beautiful and exotic, too. some European country, or, you know, NEW ZEALAND! (lol!) as it happens, it only gets as exotic as this...oh well...!

  2. Seriously, how freaking smokin' is Jon Bon Jovi?! Everyone should age that well! I've loved him and his perfect smile since I was twelve, and the best part is, he says my name EVERY SINGLE TIME he sings Livin' on a Prayer! And I sing right along with him.
    Gina dreams of runnin' away/she cries in the night/Tommy whispers/Baby it's okaaaaaayyyyyy!!

  3. I hear you about the motherland. I'm half Italian/half Irish. My grandmother came straight off the boat from Ireland and I have a mad obsession with that country, yet I've never been. :o(

    DUDE! If I ever go on the Price is Right, Plinko is the only game I want to play. Everything else is too dayum stressful.

    Great bucket list! Hang in there, Gina, you're entertaining enough. The followers will come!

  4. Yes please to #1-4.

    Seen #5. Twice. :D

    Been to #6 when I was 10.

    Good luck with the rest (especially #7).

    Don't worry. The followers will come. :D

  5. One of my dreams is to host a blogfest too. It sounds like so much fun!

    Aleeza, I also wish my blood was more exciting. My ancestors have lived in Idaho for the past few centuries. Ew. So glad my grandparents left for Oregon.

  6. Oh my gosh, this is an awesome list! I love Plinko too :D Thanks for sharing!

  7. You made me laugh out loud with your Kate goal ... loved it! The rest of your list is awesome too.

    And I'm now a follower, so you're one step closer. :)

    It's great to meet you!

  8. This is a kick ass list! #7 made me laugh out loud!

  9. Tracy- I'm actually one of the most boring people I know, but if you find my writing entertaining, then that is the best compliment I can get!

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! Plinko rules!

  10. Loved it! Thanks for sharing your list!

    I keep reading everyone's and thinking, "Oh, I want to do that too!" But for me it was "write a song." To be honest, I can't remember which game "Plinko" is. It's not the one where the little dude yodels, right? (I haven't watched TPIR in a looong time!)

  11. Love/love/love your list. And I have so many comments to make on it!

    Okay, you need to read Eat Pray Love. Seriously. It will make you more than thirsty for Italy, and Gilbert gives you a ton of Italian words. You won't regret reading it.

    Baby Got Back...hysterical!

    Good luck with the future family. I have no doubts that it will happen, and you'll be able to work for yourself, have that big house, and never clean it yourself. :)

    Definitely following your blog and looking forward to future contests!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  12. I'll totally go to a Bon Jovi concert with you! And I love Matt Nathanson. It would be awesome to know a song as gorgeous as Come on Get Higher is about you...

  13. Great list!! :D Good luck.

    I've been to a Bon Jovi concert, the guys were so tiny they were like ants on the stage! Good thing for those screens ;) Even then I could hardly see them. lol

    My favourite moment was "In These Arms"!

  14. What a beautiful list! I hope you make it to Italy one day, where you will of course speak perfect Italian!

  15. Great list! Going to Italy was on my Bucket List too & I finally go to go last year. Absolutely're gonna love it!