Monday, December 13, 2010


So my last few posts were a bit negative.  Today I decided to lighten up a bit by making a list of the boys I would most like to date from the YA novels I've read lately.

You know... if they actually existed.  AND if I were seventeen physically, instead of of just mentally.  And not married, of course.

So, here goes:

#5) Colt from the Secret Year. 
Why?  Because I can tell he's HOT.  Even his name is hot.  Why else would Julia have been so drawn to him?  And Syd, and Kirby?  I've read very few novels from the perspective of a male, and he scores points just for that.  Unfortunately, he seems a little lacking in ambition, and he has trouble with the "L" word.  That's why he's at the bottom of the list.

4) Sam from Shiver and Linger
A boy who plays guitar and thinks in song lyrics?  Um, yes please.  Oh yeah, and the shifting into a wolf thing is pretty sexy too.  Minus all the vomiting.  But to have that kind of adoration from a boy is the kind of thing every young girl dreams about.  Hence his existence in the pages of book, and not in the teenage world I lived in, damn it.

3) Tie: Edward and Jacob from Twilight
Technically I am die-hard team Jacob, and was long before Taylor Lautner and his abs brought the character to life.  But here's the devotion issue again... their love for Bella is so intense it's yes, quite cheesy.
But who would complain about being in the middle of that obsession sandwich?  Not me.  So if I don't have to pick, I'm not going to.

2) Peeta from the Hunger Games
He is so effing sweet.  Burning his family's bread knowing he would take a beating, just so Katniss could have something to eat?  I've actually teared up just thinking about it.  Enough said.

1) Shay from Nightshade
First of all, Andrea Cremer's description of his shirtless body is enough to render him my number one pick.  And he seems to be an utterly fantastic kisser.  AND he's smart, and well read, and yes there's the whole wolf thing again.  Guess I love me some wolf boys.  But honestly - though it's been quite a few years since I was in high school, I remember the hot/intelligent/sweet combo being a very difficult one to come by.  At least at that age.  ( Just an aside, my hubby embodies all three, thank you very much.)

So congrats, Shay.  I would have blushed furiously and avoided eye contact at all costs if we had gone to high school together.  And then you would have dated my friend(s).   

Now that I've proven just how immature I am, at least I'm smiling again.  Coming soon: the ones I would be least likely to date, and the accompanying word vomit of rationale behind it. ; )

Thank God no one reads this thing!  But if anyone does stop by, I would love to know your picks!


  1. Thanks! Looks like it will be a while (forever) until I can write the "I'm Getting Published Post", so this seemed like fun in the mean time!

  2. Thank you so much, Gina!! Shay is delighted by the news :)