Friday, June 8, 2012

Interview About Getting My Agent at Brenda Drake Writes!

So last month I did a post on finally finding an agent. I didn't say who it was, because I wasn't quite convinced I hadn't fabricated the whole thing in my imagination.

Well, the ever fabulous Brenda Drake outed me in a big way yesterday by posting an interview with yours truly, all about how my agent and I wound up together as a result of one of her contests.

Now it *really* feels official... and I like it!

To read the interview and say hi to Brenda while you're at it, click here.

Have a great weekend, peeps! I won't be blogging next week but I hope to see you all bright and early on Monday the 18th :)


  1. And you STILL don't say who it is ...
    Guess I'm headed over to Brenda's to find out!

  2. Awesome! Off to go read the interview!

  3. Talk about suspense. I'm off to find out who your agent is. :)

  4. Going over to Brenda's to get the scoop! :-)