Monday, March 5, 2012

Live From CT... It's the Race Against Time!

Morning, peeps!

So I'm off from work today and tomorrow (hooray!). My sole purpose for taking these days off was to not lose my vacation time - and, of course, to work on my (as yet untitled) third manuscript.

But naturally, there are a million other things on my To Do List that are demanding my attention, and I won't be able to write with a clear head if I can't get at least some of them crossed off. So, I'm going with a live blog today to keep me focused.

Here's what's on the agenda

- Iron the 13 dress shirts cluttering up my laundry rack (because yes, my husband has more clothes than I do)
- Do a load of laundry
- Dust and vacuum my family room
- Write a blog post for my company's blog on healty eating tips for kids in school (remind me again how someone with no children got roped into this?)
- Get the ink cartridge for my printer refilled (way cheaper than buying a new one)
- Make a Wal-Mart run
- Balance the checkbook
- Buy, clean, and cook a couple pounds of chicken
- Send query letters for ms #2

It's 7:43 a.m. right now.... Off I go to start that load of laundry and eat some breakfast. Be back later!

8:11: Laundry is in. Put a bunch of clothes away. Currently sitting in front of the computer eating cereal (EnviroKidz Leapin' Lemurs Organic Gluten-Free Chocolate-n-Peanut Butter Puffs, just in case anyone was wondering) trying to not sound like an idiot for this Work Blog thing.

9:40: Work Blog Post has been drafted and sent off to my co-worker. (The one who said "You're a writer - wanna help me with this?") And for the record, writing about stuff you're not real familiar with? Yeah. Not so easy.
Anyway, laundry is in the dryer and I'm off to tackle those dress shirts!

11:15: Guys. Things aren't looking so good for ms #3. Thanks to trying to iron in between copious texting with my sister-in-law, I've only done 6 out of 13 shirts. I have not yet showered or brushed my teeth.

I feel the crabby setting in.

This might get ugly.

12:45: I've ironed all 13 of those mothereffing dress shirts, all while fielding phone calls and texts from both my husband and sister-in-law regarding some ridiculous family drama.

I'm starving. My back is killing me from standing at the ironing board. I'm still not showered. And I still have to go fold the clothes that finished drying about 20 minutes ago.

Happy Freaking Monday, people. Happy. Freaking. Monday.

2:27: I'm fed, showered, and dressed. Which seems to have helped with both the aching back and the crappy mood.  Next line of business: Get my butt out of the house and over to Wal-Mart.

6:21: I managed to get to Wal-Mart and buy most of the items on my list. $90 later, I went to Stop & Shop to pick up a few more things. Halfway through checkout at S & S, realized I'd managed to forget something on the list, and then had to make another trip through self-checkout with said elusive item.

And what happened when I got home, the minute I'd finished putting everything away? Oh, that's right. Got the "I'm on my way home" call from my husband. (Which means there will be no writing tonight. Though I love him dearly, I can not write, or send queries, while he hangs on me and talks to me like I'm not doing anything else.


At the very least, I made dinner in the crockpot yesterday. Because if I had to cook right now, I think there'd be some acts of violence happening in this small Connecticut town.

So let's declare the winner: In the battle of Time vs. Gina & The Manuscript... Time Emerges Victorious


  1. Wooo hoooo! I love the live blogs!!!!

    Want me to write that blog post for you? I SO TOTALLY will. Not even kidding.

    1. I SO TOTALLY would've taken you up on that if I saw this earlier. But my co-worker just wrote back and only wanted me to change one thing, so I guess I managed to not look TOO assy with what I handed in :)

  2. Ha, congrats on writing a blog post on an unfamiliar topic! That's impressive. :) Good luck with all you have going on today!

  3. A... a... a... live blog post??


    This has so much potential as a tool for fighting procrastination! Or as a tool for procrastination!

    This is genius.

  4. Whhaaaaaaaaaa???? I hate it when stuff that I hate (family drama) runs over stuff that I love (days off)

    You need to get off your back, sit down, and write! (And I know how hard that is. <33333)

  5. I hate ironing. It's always my husband's stuff too. I have dress shirts and dress pants too, but they don't nearly get so wrinkled because I hang them up if I think I will wear them again before washing, or I fold them before I stuff them in the laundry hamper. (I know, I'm weird because I fold my dirty clothes.)

    He lets his stuff sit on the floor and it ALWAYS creases.

    And those fabrics that promise to be "wrinkle free". They lie.

    I've had to iron his KNIT polo shirts for crying out loud. How the heck does he manage to get wrinkles in those?

  6. You DO need to sit down and write!

    I took a day off last week to work on my editorial revisions. I didn't answer the phone. I did no laundry. I didn't vacuum or dust. And I definitely didn't use that heavy, hot, metal thing that people press on shirts. That's what the de-wrinkle setting on the dryer is for!

    (I did watch an episode of Downton Abbey on Netflix. That was my break time.)

    I totally let my family fend for myself on my writing day. I ought to be apologetic ... but somehow, I'm not ... ;)

  7. LOL!! So by the time you got to 12:45, I was beginning to wonder if I needed to find a way to send you your favorite dessert of choice because, yeah, it wasn't looking good at all for the home team. But things improved slightly with the clean up and filled belly.

    By the way, this live blog post ROCKED. I mean, I might actually have to try this.

    Wait...maybe not.

    There actually may be acts of violence. A live blog would just jack up whatever alibi I'd have to make up - erm - have.

  8. Wait, balance the checkbook? A guy told me that as long as I have checks I have money! Hmm, so maybe those weren't spam emails from my bank that I deleted?

    As for ironing, bleeeeeee!

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