Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quick Update

I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who stopped by on Monday to offer words of wisdom on my query letter.

I'm currently revising, with all your comments in mind. It's a story that I really love, and I don't want to misrepresent it with a subpar query letter.

Until I get it right, I'm focusing on WiP #3. Which, I'm happy to say (*evil cackle*) will be my first novel to include a sex scene. Not that the others didn't inspire "dessert" scenes (my CP's can confirm they did!), but there was no place that made sense for them within the manuscript. So, sadly, they're sexless. And yes, for a romance writer, that *is* sad.

My other favorite kind of dessert

How 'bout you, peeps? How are your writing/querying endeavors going? What keeps you grounded when you're overhauling your writing and/or querying?


  1. Oh! I missed monday's post! going back to check it out!

  2. I am trying to keep my hands off my manuscript until the weekend, when I'm going to load it on my Kindle and read it one more time before (hopefully) sending it back to my editor. I received her editorial letter back on Valentine's Day, and I've been working obsessively on it for almost a month.

    Once it goes back, I have to face my WIP. Erg.

  3. OMGGGGGG MS #3..........

    *wipes drool from chin*

    I'm revising my query too, but honestly, from all the comments I'm wondering if it's not the MS. So, I'll probably send out a couple more flurries on that one, and let them run out. Focusing on WiP #3 of my own!

    You are awesome, and brave. <3

  4. My new YA novel (horror) has a sex scene in it. I've never written one before. Eeek!

    I'm rewriting my novel for a revision request. Double eek!

  5. Yayyyyyy for a dessert SCENE!! Just the little Scenes you've showed me so far from this one have me excited for it!

  6. Totally overhauling my query though I haven't even started querying yet. I just keep changing it and changing it and hopefully making it better. Also revising my MS which I've been doing for what seems like forever. arrrgh

  7. I just love that fact that you're adding the sex scene in a way that fits the story and not just to have sex in the novel. There are some seasoned writers who could probably take this tip from you. Sex sells but can it please fit the moment?

  8. LOL about a romance novel without the sex scene :-)
    Good luck on your new query letter.
    I'm in the final edits of one of my manuscripts. But no querying for me. I gave that up awhile ago.