Monday, June 6, 2011

Help Me Pick My Beach Reads!

So I had a mini-meltdown early last week, thanks to a slow but steady pile-up of personal stresses.  My husband recognized I was in a bad way, and came to my rescue by booking a much-needed and long overdue vacation.

I'm beyond excited to do nothing but sit on the beach and read a book, but I was hoping y'all could make some recommendations as to which book(s) it should be.  Here's my TBR pile:

Choices are:
- Divergent by Veronica Roth
- The Mermaid's Mirror by L.K. Madigan
- Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
- Delirium by Lauren Oliver
- Personal Demons by Lisa DesRochers
- Willow by Julia Hoban
- The Vampire Diaries by L.L. Smith

There SHOULD be three more in the pile, books I won a while ago, but never received.  Grrrrr.

So which ones are worth the extra weight in my carry-on bag?  I'd love to hear your opinions!
(and then I'll think about you while I'm here!)  Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraíso view


  1. I will choose one of Divergent, Delirium or Unearthly. Maybe Unearthly. That is the book I would like to read lying on the beach. Romantic surrounds, romantic book. :)

  2. Divergent, Delirium, Willow, and Personal Demons were great. Uneartly was good.

    I love Willow, but I used to be a cutter, so I could relate to it. That might have been why I loved it. Great story though. I liked it more than Delirium (which I really enjoyed).

    Face it, you can't go wrong with any of them. :D

  3. Haven't read any of them, but I've been hearing great things about Divergent...

  4. I've only ready LJ Smith the vampire diaries and although LJ Smith made me want to write- I'd only read the first three though, The other ones are lame. lol.

  5. Ooooooooooooh take me with you!! How fun! I would take Divergent definitely, Vampire Diaries, aaaaaaaaaannnd The Mermaid Mirror (Cause how can that not be a perfect choice for the beach!? Dream about jumping into the surf and sprouting a tale while you're there)

  6. Oh my goodness, sucha GREAT selection--read a few of them and cannot help, i liked them all!!

  7. Divergent, Delirium and Unearthly look the most interesting to me, but then again, Personal Demons and Willow look intriguing, I shall have to do some research and maybe read them all. :)
    I hope you have a great time at the beach!

  8. The only one I've read in your list is the Vampire Diaries. I did enjoy the first two or three books, for sure.

  9. Divergent! Definitely. And Personal Demons. Gosh, I love those books! Have a wonderful de-stressing vacation!

  10. Oh yeah, definitely Divergent! Worth the weight in the carry-on! The Mermaid one I haven't read, but that might be fun if you're going beachside!