Friday, June 10, 2011

Down with the Dumps!

I've been a little low on positivity lately, so I decided to dedicate this post to happy thoughts.  Prepare to get your cute fix here at Writer's Blog today, because the thing(s) that puts the biggest smile on my face is my nephews and niece. 

For example, this beyond adorable photo of my 3-month old nephew Luke discovering his feet:

And this one of my 2-year old nephew Evan smiling for my husband, right after giving me one of his super-duper hugs:

And of course, this one of my niece Tessa smiling at me just hours after she was born:

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And the very close runners up are:

- Cookies-n-cream ice cream.  Extra cookies, please! 
- Rocking out to my Ipod.  In my mind, I'm a freaking awesome dancer.  And nowhere else.
- An awesome kissing scene in a book I'm devouring.  I love books, and I love love! A total win-win.
- Looking over edits and revisions to my story and thinking, I really like the way this turned out!
- Random hugs and kisses and "I love you's" from my husband.  It's always nice to hear :)
- Aaaaaand.... Knowing I'll be on the beach soon! 

So what brings a smile to your face when you've been down in the dumps?  Happy Friday, all!


  1. Love the photos, especially the first one. :D

    I'm with you on the things that make you smile. Those things make me smile too. I love reading great kissing scenes, and have been known to go back and reread them several times while reading the book and afterwards. No wonder I'm good at writing kissing scenes. :D

  2. I watch 'Friends'- makes me laugh every time no matter my mood. Beautiful pics!

  3. The little ones are always good for lifting up our hearts! Beautiful pictures. I love the one of Luke discovering his feet--a picture that tells a story.

    Driving on a summer day with the windows down and my current favorite song on repeat makes me happy.

    Or when my garden produces a vegetable.

    And those rare moments while editing when I think: "Wow...that is decent. I actually wrote that?"

    Have an wonderful vacation!

  4. Oh, CUTE niece and nephews! I love baby feet. I really hope all the positives pull you out of your doldrums!

  5. What a fun happy list! Your niece and nephews are too cute!!! I have a baby niece, and she's the most adorable thing ever. :)

  6. *grabs and cuddles with all of them*