Monday, April 25, 2011

Now Starring Blogfest!

A chance to cast the characters from my novel-turned-blockbuster-movie?  How could I resist?
If you want to do the same, run over to Kore Averna and sign up!

Even though I'm not published (or even agented), I've given a lot of thought to this (yes, even prior to the blogfest).   My novel is based on a freaky dream I had, and the face of the first character we meet in the novel is still as fresh in my mind as the morning I woke up from it.  That face looked uncannily like:

Actress: Eva Longoria.  Granted, my character is younger than Eva, so I'd need a time machine if she were actually going to play the role, but hers is the face I've pictured ever since I had that dream.
Character Name: Rebecca Gaines
Description: Becca is fun, plucky, and not afraid to say what's on her mind.  She's also very fashionable, has a flair for dramatics, and is just a wee bit self absorbed.  Oh yeah, and recently deceased.  She can't move on to the afterlife until she completes a mission involving my next female mc....

Dianna Agron Picture Character Name: Alexis Beckman
Description: Alexis is skeptical, cynical, and in total disbelief that a dead girl is on call as her personal cupid.  She has no interest in helping Rebecca find her "true love", because she doesn't believe he exists.
And the role goes to: Dianna Agron.  Now, bear in mind Diana doesn't look much like the Alexis I see in my head.  In-my-head-Alexis has blonder hair, blue-green eyes, and a handful of freckles across her nose.  But I love Dianna, and I think her acting style is perfect.  Not to mention she's gorgeous, in that naturally pretty way that fits my character.  So she's my pick for Alexis.

And now the contenders for her heart....

View ImageCharacter Name: Jeremy Manning
Description: Jeremy is a hottie because, well, it's my book and I say so.  He has blondish hair, hazel eyes, a dimpled smile and a rockin' bod, thanks to his dedication to wrestling and fitness training.
And the role goes to: Kellan Lutz.  Again, not the exact image of the face I see in my head, but the body... Mmmm.  I'm sorry, was I saying something?  Oh right.  On to the next character...

View ImageCharacter Name: Michael Clark
Description: Total dreamboat.  I adore Michael, and yes, I can say that even though he's a product of my overactive imagination.  Blue-eyed,dark-haired, sweet, hard working, absolutely gorgeous, and oh - he has a secret, too...
And the role goes to: Steven McQueen.  Though I'd also consider Tom Welling or Zack Efron.  Something about Steven's face just makes me think of my character.  And look at him.  I'd accept his pink flower even if I didn't like pink.  Or flowers.  It certainly doesn't suck to be Alexis Beckman, does it?

Last but not least, I want to cast Alexis's best friend, Jamie.  Jamie's role in the novel isn't huge, but I loved her so much that I've outlined another just for her.  Jamie is a hard working, loyal friend who's had her share of bad luck.  She gets her happy ending... but how long will it last?  Unfortunately, when I tried to post a photo of my pick (Victoria Justice), I wound up with a virus on my computer.  So if you'd like to look her up for yourself, I encourage it.  Just don't click on anything!


  1. Aw, I love it! Great choices! I only know a couple of those actors, but I love your explanations why you chose them. Sounds like a cute story!

  2. Oh, interesting process! I never (well, almost never) have my characters quite so concretely nailed down. I prefer to have some imagination from the reader filling in what I don't say, mostly because that is how I prefer to read.

  3. Great cast! Sorry about getting a virus, hope it is all fixed now.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's awful about the virus. I hope your computer is now virus free.

    I think I'm in love with your story - such a clever take on the deceased and finding love. Your cast is amazing and definitely has the wow factor!

    The Devil’s Song

  5. I love your casting picks. Gorgeous people and awesome-sounding characters.

    I've done the same at my blog:

    I love to imagine what these people look like. It makes them seem so much more real.

  6. I didn't look at them. I want to, but one of the fun things we do in my critique group is pick actors for each other's novels after we finish reading them. I'll do that for you. And then the writer shares his/her vision.

    It is fun--and can be very enlightening. It lets you know which physical details have resonated with the reader.

  7. Hunky, hunky guys. Yeah, I'll take a flower. Very nice. I have always used actors/actresses to help me more fully picture the look of my characters I see in my head. It's kinda fun.

    This whole blogfest was a hoot and I've been introduced to some new names/faces I hadn't known before.

  8. So fun to read your post. I have always used faces (not always actors) to "cast" my novels. I was supposed to participate today, but had a tragic death in our family this week. Can't bring myself to do much more than read what others have posted.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for taking part in my blogfest! I think you might have the same problem with your Jeremy as I have with my Celest! how are we supposed to concentrate with all of this hot half naked man hanging around all the time? lol

  10. Oh, wow, now I know why Kellan isn't allowed to go shirtless in the Twilight movies. Move over Edward and Jacob.

    Excuse me while I stare at your blog for the next few hours. :D

    (Ps I was ROFL at your comment on my blog.)

  11. I had a good comment. Seriously, I did. Then I got stuck on Lutz's abs...droooool....

    Um, great cast! drooooool

    Marie at the Cheetah

  12. Oh what a neat story concept - a not-quite alive cupid! These are great pictures to fit the characters, too. Yeah I could totally see being torn between a hunk like Kellan in that picture vs. the hunk holding out a flower... love it !

  13. I love your line up and the glimpses into your characters and stories. I'm a fan of Steven McQueen too, there's just something vulnerable about him isn't there?

  14. OMG I THINK IVE FALLEN EVEN MORE IN LOVE WITH MICHAEL! okay, so thats not possible, since steven mcqueen is EXACTLY how i pictured michael. i have to say, it helped a lot in swooning over him :P

    also, diana's how i pictured alexis too. cool, eh? :D