Monday, November 1, 2010

New & Improved

So just days after my last, somewhat rant-ish post, I discovered the correct label for my college girls on Janet Reid's Query Shark site: they are NEW adults! 

Somehow, this is much easier for me to accept than plain old adults.  I'm slowly loosening my desperate grasp on the YA label.  If they're NEW adults, they're still allowed to make mistakes.  Anyone who is new at anything is practically EXPECTED to make mistakes!  So that means they're allowed to think like their former selves- the people they were before they crossed that invisible line from an 18 year old YA to a nineteen and beyond  NA.

Of course, the term doesn't appear in either of the two queries I sent out last week.  But I do mention one of the girls is a college student in the body of my letter.  Hopefully, that's good enough.  I'm really hoping for some positive feedback with this round of queries, and then maybe I'll even tell my mother or my sister I've written a book.  Thus far, only four people on the planet know.  I just don't want everyone and their mother (or my mother) to be aware of my failure, if that's what this becomes.  There's nothing like trying to do what you love, only to be shut down again and again.  It's a real boost to the old self-esteem (not).  But then again, if I succeed... I'll know I've done it without any one holding my hand.  And isn't standing on your two feet, regardless of the outcome, all part of being an adult anyway?

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