Thursday, October 28, 2010

YA or PR? Y ME?

I sent out my very first query in over 3 months last night, and there is something that just keeps nagging at me.  It's times like this when I wish this blog wasn't brand-spanking new and I actually had the courage to post the link on my Facebook page.  My question is this:

My protagonist is twenty-one, but she lives at home with her mother.  She goes to bars.  She goes on dates- to the bowling alley.  She works part time as a waitress at a country club.

Does that really sound like someone who has life figured out?  I am thirty years old, and to this day, I don't consider myself an adult.  Sure I'm married and domesticated, but I love Taylor Swift and Britney Spears and Glee.  I have cabbage patch dolls in my spare room - one of which was a gift for my 24th birthday.  Yes, I said 24th.  And my book shelf is so full of YA novels that I often say I never aged past seventeen - mentally, of course.  Physically, the years are starting to show.

So how does it make sense to call this girl of twenty-one (who thinks a lot like I do) an adult instead of a young adult?  And worse- what does that make me?  I did the right thing and called my novel a "contemporary paranormal romance" in my query, but I can't help feeling like the label doesn't fit.  I hear romance and I think graphic sex scenes and racy covers.  I think Fabio with fangs.  And that's not my book at all.  I believe college students and high school students AND adults (if I'm speaking as one) alike would enjoy it, and since there is no graphic content, I don't want the term "romance" to be misleading.

I guess I'll have to hope the query spoke for itself.  If anyone happens upon this post and has wisdom on the topic, please feel free to share.  I need to send a few more queries and I don't want to do anything to lessen my already slim chances!

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