Monday, July 30, 2012

What Are You Reading This Summer?

Today I'm going to talk about what I've been reading this summer! And then, I'd love it if you guys would share *your* summer reading recommendations.

While most offices have "summer hours" (and schools are off altogether - nope, no jealousy here) to accommodate the general laziness of the season,  it's still strange, and kind of a bummer to me, that my company's busiest season is the summer.

Newport is calling me. Sadly, I can not answer :(

Not to mention I'm working diligently on my 3rd novel, and failing miserably at trying not to think about the one that's on submission right now. So unfortunately, my reading list is not nearly as long as I'd like, but I still managed to squeeze in some gems:

BREAK by Hannah Moskowitz

I'd never read one of Hannah's novels before, and did so on Leigh Ann's recommendation. I did not regret it.     
This one was unique, compelling, and the voice was funny, sad, sweet, and realistic all at once. Holy talent.

GIRL PARTS by John M. Cusick

Dudes. I'm still having a hard time comprehending that the person who wrote this book (it's like Weird Science meets edgy contemporary all being towed along by a dark undercurrent) saw something special in my fluffy little YA romance. It's mind boggling. 

THE LAST ECHO by Kimberly Derting

Y'all know I love this series from reviews I've done. There's lots of suspense, Jay, witty dialogue, Jay, vivid characters... and did I mention Jay? Because the one thing this novel needed was MORE JAY!

I've also done some reading for my CP's. 

Jenny shared her urban fantasy, THE RIVER REMEMBERS with me, and guys, she can paint pictures with words as well as any painter can do with a brush. Also, her male mc has a body carved from martial arts and  a ginormous wingspan. Take that as you will :)

I also read my Sub Buddy Dahlia's ms, BEHIND THE SCENES, (you can read the interview about how she got her agent here) and basically fell in love from page one. It's hilarious and touching and by chapter 2 I'd publicly declared myself Dahlia's first stalker fangirl. And you know what? She still gave me her address and let me send her presents, because for reasons unbeknownst to me, she thinks I'm awesome too.

Right now I'm reading Marieke's YA fantasy, PALADIN and if you've ever watched her vlogs you know first hand that her voice is like mental massage - so soothing and pretty. And her book? Is the written equivalent. (BTW Marieke also wrote the pitch that first got my agent to notice me in a contest, and I will NEVER EVER EVER stop thanking her for that. Thank you Marieke. I love you!)

What have you read this summer, peeps? Any recommendations for something you particularly enjoyed?


  1. Well, I got all the way up to the climax of Paolo B's The Drowned Cities and I had to stop. I know it's brutal and brilliant, and the violence in it mirrors horrors taking place in parts of our world right now. But I couldn't take it. The violence was making me ill.

    The last book I read that I really, really enjoyed and gobbled all the way through was Cinder. I can highly recommend that one!

  2. I need to read Break. Thanks for reminding me. :)

    I'm waiting on my copy of Shadow and Bone. SO excited!

  3. I LOOOOVED Break! Can you believe Hannah wrote it at 16? What a talent. I also really enjoyed her most recent GONE GONE GONE.

    The last book I read was GONE GIRL. Before that it was ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD, WHAT'S LEFT OF ME (Advanced copy out in September), THE RAVEN BOYS (out in Sept), and CREWEL (out in Octber). All of them were great great great!!!!

  4. <3<3<3<3<3

    I actually haven't read any of those yet so I must get on that, ASAP! So far my fave books I've read this summer have been THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green and THE FINE ART OF TRUTH OR DARE by Melissa Jensen, and I'm currently reading STATE OF WONDER by Ann Patchett which I suspect will make it on to that list as well when I'm done with it.

    And, of course, I've gotten read some fantastic mss this summer as well, including LAST YEAR'S MISTAKE and PALADIN... ;)

  5. AYAYAYAYAY I'm so glad you read Break! I'm so glad you loved it! So phenomenal.

    I've been reading CP books ALL summer. Bliss.
    And yes, Dahlia's, Jenny's, and Marieke's are all AWESOME.

  6. Mental massage? I'll take it! :D Love you, G!

    I've basically been reading ALL the CP manuscripts too, and there's SO MUCH talent in our group. Gorgeous MSs, amazing characters, it makes me so incredibly happy :D

    When it comes to published books, my favorite fantasy was WHEN THE SEA IS RISING READ, which is insanely gorgeous, and my favorite overall this summer has to be CODE NAME VERITY. Because it ripped my heart out and tore it to shred. I have no superlatives to describe the brilliance of that book.

  7. These all sound like interesting books. I'm always looking for stuff to read, because I can't go for very long without reading something. I've been rereading several good writing books, like Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones, Stephen King's On Writing, and Elizabeth Berg's Escaping into the Open. I also reread one of my favorite chick lit books, The Smart One and the Pretty One, by Claire LaZebnik.

  8. My reading hit a snag because of book promotion, but I've read Immortal Desires by Laura Eno and Rise From Darkness by Ciara Knight. Both really good :)

  9. I read Break last year...loved it!

    I'm currently reading Spark--the second in Ryan's sci fi series that starts with Glow. Incredible action and you never know who to trust. Loving it!

    Picking up Days of Blood and Starlight soon--can't wait for that one.

    And I've been reading a lot on my Kindle--some really great, voicey stuff like: Fluke, Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, Memoirs of a Gas Station Attendant, etc.