Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update from the Query Trenches: I'm a Moron

So I wasn't going to say anything on my blog, but considering the amount of whining I've done over rejections, I think it only makes sense to finally share some good news: I received a request from an agent for my full manuscript. And not only that, she told me she's very excited to read it (with an exclamation mark!)

I read her e-mail on my phone, and immediately ran to my computer to give my ms a last-minute once over before sending it off. My CP, Leigh Ann, had pointed out a long time ago that I had two Chapter 13's, and in my certainty that no agent would ever read it, I hadn't bothered to fix the error.

Once the chapters were in sequential order, I gave the rest of the document a quick scan before attaching it to an e-mail. Given it had been beta'd three times and re-read by me at least a million, I didn't want to get too in-depth and start second guessing. So, I hit send.

And then, I did the stupidest thing I could have possibly done.

I went through the manuscript again. And almost immediately found a typo. D'oh!

Okay, okay, I thought. Just one typo. No big deal. It happens. She's not going to think you're unprofessional or careless over one little typo.

But then it got worse. Just when I thought my chapter numbering malfunctions were over, I discovered I'd skipped right over Chapter 11. Uh-huh.

As a writer, numbers ain't my thang. BUT HOW COULD I NOT NOTICE I'D MISSED THE NUMBER BETWEEN TEN AND TWELVE? It's my freakin' birthday, for crying out loud!

I know these mistakes are probably inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but I feel like an idiot for making them. And honestly, I've re-read this manuscript so many times that I don't know HOW I made them. The last thing I want an agent to think is that I didn't care enough to pay attention to detail, when in reality, I've paid more attention to this novel than I have to my husband in the last few months.

Join me in hoping the greatness of my story, or at least the hotness of my male mc's will serve as damage control, won't you?

Has this happened to anyone else? If not, I'll be over in the corner with my dunce cap on. Happy querying, peeps!


  1. I bet the agent will be so into the story by then that, beyond noticing there's a new chapter, she won't see anything else. Honestly, who really remembers what chapter they're on while they're reading?

    Good luck, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a hit!

  2. have you learned nothing from me my child? LOL Don't ever ever ever re-read material that's already out! You're right though- to agents that's no big deal. And if they get to chapter 10, you can bet they aren't caring about numbers, they're IN your story which means an offer will most likely be the next step! Fingers crossed for you!

  3. Can we just all take a moment to do a super crazy happy dance? Because, girl? YOU GOT A FULL REQUEST!!!!!!!

    *****Biggest effing happy dance possible*****

    Maybe SuperAwesomeAgent will assume your unlucky number is 11, so you left it out. You know, like some CDs leave track 13 blank. Or buildings skip the 13th floor. You're quirky! You're fun! Readers will love you!

    Also, your story WIPES THE FLOOR WITH MOST OTHER STORIES. It totally rules. Totally. Rules. And the boys are hot.

    Happy happy querying!!!

  4. Congrats on the request!!!!

    I have this theory. It doesn't matter how perfect your ms is, as soon as you turn off your computer, the computer gremlins come out to play. They love to screw up words to create typos. I swear it's true!!!!

    I bet the agent won't even notice.

  5. Congrats on the request! And yes, I have hit myself over the head when I found not just typos but missing words lol

  6. Congratulations!! Seriously, I wouldn't worry about some teensy typos. When you can find typos in published books, one or two little mistakes in a MS can't be that big of a deal.

  7. You just broke the #1 rule of Fight Club...don't reread something as soon as you send it.

    Big picture: An agent requested a full and that's awesome news. Good luck

  8. Uh...I feel your pain. Been there, done that!!!! Fingers crossed for you!

  9. LOL Gina. I've had an experience like that as well where I submitted a partial after fixing some typos...ONLY TO DISCOVER THAT I HAD MADE ANOTHER TYPO WHILE FIXING THE ORIGINAL TYPOS. I felt like a total moron, as well.

    I am throwing buckets and buckets of luck at you! Congrats on the full request and I'm crossing my fingers for you! :D

  10. Oh, that's happened to me! Don't sweat it...and next time, don't read it right after you hit send! (I say that but can't stop myself*zombie eyes*)

  11. I know agents understand that we get so close to our manuscripts that sometimes we can't see the errors of it--I wouldn't worry about it at all. Celebrate getting a full request! I'm so excited for you!

  12. That's so awesome!!!! about the request, not the missing chapter number and typo :)
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  13. It's like after looking at the darn thing so many times has erased normal brain functioning! Totally normal mistake btw. And it wont matter at all if she likes what she reads.

  14. Okay, so a few things:

    1.) You know all those underlines that were supposed to be italics, and the typos, and the incorrectly used semicolons, and the waaaay-too-long chapters that you fixed in THE NOCTURNIAN? Yeah... those were all sent with my full request, and I've been hitting my head on my desk over it for weeks. So I wouldn't stress too much! I figure, if the agent likes the story enough to request it, they'll overlook little things like that.

    2.) Uh, I think Michael's hotness is DEFINITELY enough. I mean, come on.

    COME ON.

    It'll be okay!

  15. Here's to hoping the agent will be so swept away that this tiny little bit not only can but WILL be cast aside because I'm sure the story ROCKS. You got a request for full MS. That's fan-tab-u-lous!