Thursday, September 1, 2011

That BITCH Irene!

Since hurricane Irene robbed me of electricity the last FOUR WHOLE DAYS, I wasn't  able to direct you all to my guest post on Get Busy Writing, the blog of the lovely Emily Rittel-King. Better late than never, so please stop by and say hi to Emily while you're at it! (And a big whatuuuuup to all my new followers!)

Most of you know the East Coast took a beating this weekend from my now mortal enemy, hurricane Irene. She breezed in Saturday night and took our power around 3:00 Sunday morning.

Our power went on at 4 a.m. today, and I've been so excited I couldn't sleep. So, I decided to share my pics with you.

When I first surveyed my yard on Sunday I thought, that's what they call a hurricane? That was lame! And here's why:

That's my driveway, scattered with lots of random leaves and branches. My lawn was more of the same. Whoop-dee-doo. But as the day wore on and my husband and I ventured out for a walk, I realized this storm hadn't been lame at all. We'd just been lucky as all hell.

At the edge of our neighborhood, one side of the road was flooded:

On the other side, the road was blocked off due to tree splintering off its trunk, much like this one:

A few more feet down the road, a branch dangled from the power lines (and yours-dumbass-truly slowed down while driving to take a photo of it. Safety first, people):

Speaking of power lines, we weren't the only ones without power, not by a long shot. There were over 700,000 people in the state without it by the time the skies were as sunny and blue as you see in the picture above.

And of course, for God knows what reason, I happened to have a ridiculous amount of ice cream in my freezer on this particular weekend. It pains me to show you exactly how much, because it all turned to soup in my lifeless icebox:

Neopolitan Klondike, anyone?

Fortunately, my grandmother had power and I was able to transfer all my frozen meat and chicken to her house before we lost it. Everything else, unfortunately, had to go. My freezer now looks like this:

I should also mention that when you have well water like we do, not having electricity means no running water. So once again, it was Grandma to the rescue, or we would have been taking sponge baths and making a habit of this:

That would be my husband, shaving on the living room floor. And as inconvenient as all this was, I am just glad we are all safe, and our house is intact, and OUR POWER IS BACK ON!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I'm thankful you got away lightly, but...the ice cream :-(

  2. I'm glad you got power back, we are still without.. it's brutal, but I'm trying not to complain because my house is fine. so many have floods, trees through the roof, and no place to go... at least we were able to just go stay at my parents.
    But I am jealous of everyone whose power is back, enjoy it!!!

  3. Oy oy oy. In memory of that lost ice cream, and as a prize for when you inevitably get agented, I'm sending you a crate from Jeni's. The best ice cream in the universe, made in Columbus, OH.

    (Also - poor Domenick! My husband would have taken the shaving to work, for sure.)

  4. *shaking fist at the damage left in Irene's wake*

    Hurricane Irene was definitely in a pissy mood. I'm glad the electricity is back and life can go on something-like-normal. But, oh no...the ice cream *sniffle*

    By the way, you have an award over at my blog.

  5. Glad you didn't get worse stuff. Good pics :)

  6. Glad Irene has gone for good. Great post. I came by because you won an award at


  7. Glad to see you back! I was going to email you later today and ask if all is well.

  8. Yay for your power being back on! And thank goodness your neighborhood wasn't damaged or flooded too much!

  9. Oh my! What a mess! I'm so glad you have power back. And don't worry about not being there Monday. It really wasn't a big deal at all. Thanks again! : )

  10. I would have consumed that ice cream anyway! jk. Glad you're okay...and glad to know ya too:)

  11. Oh man, I'm glad you're safe and that you were able to get help from your grandmother.

    I lived in FL so I've had my share of hurricanes and power well. *sigh*

    To help cheer you up, I've given you a blog award! Here it is:

  12. We haven't had hurricanes, and have managed to skip on tornados, but we've had some pretty severe weather and flooding lately. One guy in my city drowned last month when the rushing water pulled him under his car during one freak storm. It makes you realize just how dangerous weather can be, even if you don't live in a hurricane zone.

  13. Oh, wow. I'm glad your family is safe. you're poor husband. THat's something my hubby would do.

  14. I find it insanely hilarious that you stocked up on ice-cream before the hurricane. I mean, seriously, Geens, remember the no-electricity-during-storms part? :P

    also, loved the interview!

  15. Ewww. Hope everything's going a little better now!

    To make you feel better, I gave you an award. :D It's over here:

  16. Feeling your pain, here. I live in Florida, and I've been through this too many times to count. One hurricane put our electric out for 2 weeks and our internet was down for a month! The up side: Without all those lights we could see a gazillion stars at night.