Monday, July 18, 2011

Publishing Wishes and Book Cover Dreams

I had a moment this weekend where I realized just how badly I want to be published. 

As authors, we all try to imagine covers for our darlings.  What I never expected was to find someone who loves my story enough (almost as much as me, I think) to not only dream up a cover, but go out and find an incarnation of it.

Behold, the thoughful creativity of my awesome critique partner, Leigh Ann:

Ok, so I added the title, but she sent me the picture and it was love at first sight.  Those of you who read my entry in the Love All Year Round contest will know the signifigance, and agree this is perfect. 

It made me realize how badly I want other people to love the story I've written.  How I want people to be affected by my characters, and think about them even when they're not reading. 

And most of all, it gave me a much needed glimmer of hope that it *could* actually happen someday.  Thanks Leigh Ann.  You rock.  *And so do my other CP's! My ms is worlds better because of all of you!*


  1. The desire and the drive are half the battle. Just hold onto those and someday it will happen! I love your cover;)


    I really do love your story as much as you do. Okay, probably not *as* much, but close.

    I'm glad you had that moment, because it tells me that you're going to chase the dream until it happens. I am SO excited for that.

    Also, it's contagious - I think you officially gave me query fever.

    You impress me every day. Serious. Keep on keepin' on.

  3. Okay, why do I have a sudden craving for ice cream?

  4. Love it!

    This would be a fun blogfest--creating the cover for your WIP.

  5. I agree with Heidi. Yay for seeing a glimpse of your book come to life :)

  6. I've got my fingers crossed for you - and partly out of selfishness, since I want to read your book, haha.

  7. Awesome! I love coming up with "pretend" covers... it makes me happy ( :

  8. I kept thinking about your cover. I really like it. And it does represent a part in the novel that is vivid for me.

    I like it so much I went to create one for my WIP, which was super fun. I still think it is a great blogfest idea. You should host it--you've got a lot of loyal followers. I'd be happy to help! It would certainly increase your following as well.

  9. I know this feeling all too well. Let it drive you, hon. Well, not mad. Just let it drive you ;)

    also, that's a gorgeous cover!

  10. @Heidi - I designed a cover for my baby a looooong time ago....I'd love a blogfest!