Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old Man Winter Had the Stomach Flu

I have never seen so much snow in my life.  Maybe I'm the only one who finds it awe-inspiring, but I just had to share the photos.

This is what my yard looks like on a normal day in the summer (thanks to my husband and his overly meticulous grooming of it):
And this is what my yard looks like right now:

Here's the view from my kitchen sliders on a sunny day

And today
Here is what my husband's car usually looks like (alright so this was 2 years ago when it was new and freshly washed):
Still better than it looks today:
And last but not least, my two favorites.  These were taken from my front door, before anyone attempted to dig themselves out.  The black dot in the right-hand corner of the first picture is my mailbox, and the two black dots on the left are my neighbor's rearview mirrors.  The second picture is my mailbox, looking like a buoy in a sea of snow:


  1. wow, I love the before and after. Definitely ALOT of snow! Enjoy it- I miss my Connecticut snow:(

  2. Wow how amazing is that! The seasons definitely make you appreciate certain things (like the sun and the flowers)!