Monday, December 4, 2017

Preorder Incentive Campaigns for BUSTED and A KISS IN THE DARK!

I can not believe that BUSTED comes out 4 weeks from tomorrow(!!!), or that A KISS IN THE DARK will release just 9 weeks after that.

I'm super excited about these stories, and I hope y'all are excited too. I know that when it comes to books, choices are vast and budgets are tight, and this is exactly why I've decided to do a preorder campaign for both novels. I chose a few super cute prizes that are significant to each book, and I'd love to see them in the hands of ravenous reader. So....

Here's how it works:

- Everyone who preorders* BUSTED ~OR~ A KISS IN THE DARK will receive swag (bookmarks, postcards, etc.)

- Everyone who preorders* BUSTED ~AND~ A KISS IN THE DARK will receive swag PLUS a paperback copy of LAST YEAR'S MISTAKE (if you already have LYM, you may choose a different YA paperback)
*and follows instructions for providing proof

- All entries will go into a drawing for one of two grand prize packs


This prize pack includes:
- a custom notebook sporting BUSTED's cover
- swag
- Aztec hot chocolate mix (in honor of the scene on page 90)
- 50/50 double sided colored pencils (a nod to Marisa's sketches)
- A top secret spy kit that includes an invisible ink pen, rear-view spy glass, magnifying glass, fake mustache, and a notebook
- A Magic Frosted Forest Yankee candle (in honor of the tree farm where TJ works, which Marisa nicknames "Narnia")
- "Oh snap" camera stickers (see page 48 + the cover for why these are utterly perfect)
- chocolate footballs
- 10 Cherry Blossom Classic Camera charms (a nod to Marisa's love of making jewelry)


This prize pack includes:
- A custom notebook sporting A KISS IN THE DARK's cover
- swag
- A #nofilter compact mirror (a nod to the photography aspect of the story)
- A set of 5 Color Story I <3 3="" glosses="" i="" lip="" nbsp="" pink="">(in honor of Macy's lip gloss-obsessed best friend, Meredith)
- A sunset lake journal (because Macy loves to snap sunset photos of the lake in her neighborhood)
- chocolate footballs (not pictured)
- Butter Rum Lifesavers (Macy's favorite candy, as we find out on page 53)
- A 4-inch Superman decal (in honor of Macy and Ben's favorite superhero)
- Football face tattoos (because Macy is a former cheerleader, and "football is no joke in the South.")

How To Enter

1) Preorder one or both books from the site of your choice (See above for prize tiers)

2) Email proof of purchase to gina(dot)ciocca(at)yahoo(dot)com
  - Please include the address to which you would like your swag/prize shipped

3) Receive swag, become eligible to win a prize pack.

4) That's literally it.

**Winner of the BUSTED prize pack will be chosen on January 1st. All entrants will remain in the drawing for A KISS IN THE DARK's prize pack until the campaign ends on March 5th, 2018.**

In the mean time, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD about the contest! Here are some copy-and-paste-ready tweets for your sharing convenience:

Get awesome book swag + the chance to win one of two prize packs! Preorder BUSTED and/or A KISS IN THE DARK by @gmc511!

Preorder Incentive #Giveaway for @gmc511's BUSTED and A KISS IN THE DARK! Everyone gets swag + an entry for 1 of 2 grand prizes. Details here:  

If there are any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or find me on Twitter. Good luck!

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