Friday, December 19, 2014

Deja Vu Blogfest!

Hi all! So today I'm participating in DL Hammons' Deja vu Blogfest, The Day of The Do Over.

I love that title, because who doesn't have at least one blog post that they'd like to keep blasting into the universe repeatedly?

Today I'm actually going to offer up two, and here's why:

As writers, we experience so many ups and downs. The agony of the query trenches, the frustration of agents not "connecting" with your work, the long hours of revisions, the manic joy of finally hearing that someone believes in your story enough to represent it, the silent hell of being on submission, the sting of editor rejections, the sheer and utter elation of finding out your novel is going to be a real, tangible book.

The list goes on, but since I've yet to experience the rest of it, I thought I'd give people the option of

A) Commiserating over the frustration of querying and trying to find an agent with this post:

Fact Or Fiction: Querying is the Best Way to Get an Agent's Attention

or B) Proving how things can turn around when you absolutely positively least expect by re-sharing the story of how my debut, LAST YEAR'S MISTAKE, found its home at Simon Pulse: 

You Never Know. No, Really, You Don't: My Pub Story


  1. Gina, your blog about your book deal gave me renewed hope. I'm currently in that position. I'm on my...5th? I lost count. Yes, 5th round of sub with the MS of my heart, and my agent and I believe in it and just recently decided after this round to set it aside and make my WIP my (hopefully) debut. It's crushing to learn that no editor loves it as much as you. But this has given me some hope! I loved reading it. :)

  2. I read both and liked them both!

    I think there's much more luck involved in the query process than most people admit. And CONGRATULATIONS on the book deal!!!!!

    Happy Deja Vu!

  3. I read both as well. The struggle and the victory, two side of the story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello from Deja Vu! I read your second one. I try to program myself not to think about certain things sometimes....and then of course, the opposite thing happens. I'm glad your book found a home, and that it all worked out for you.

  5. Late arrival from Deja-Vu :) I choose to read the positive tale - congratulations on the deal - and on your choice of GIFs - I mean, Dean Winchester *swoon* LOL! x

  6. Happy Blitz Day! I enjoyed those pieces. Thanks!

  7. Hello, nice to meet you!

    Happy Blitz Day