Monday, April 23, 2012

For My Peeps in the Trenches

It's been quiet here at Writer's Blog, which I think has a lot to do with the A-Z challenge going on.

So, instead of one of my more contemplative (read: rambling) posts, I decided to use this Monday's blogging space as encouragement for my peeps in the query/submission trenches.

We all know how much it sucks (yes, it does) to have your heart jump into your throat when you see a response to a query, only to open it and zero in on that dreaded "unfortunately..." Or when you make it past that first hurdle only to hear that an agent "didn't connect" with your work, or your characters, or their voice, or what have you. It sucks.

But published authors have been exactly where we are now, and there's no reason that hard work and proper alignment of the stars can't get us to where *they* are someday. Here's proof:

One of my favorite links is this one, where Kimberley Derting (author of The Body Finder series) shares some of the rejections she received from editors.

I also like this one, about a writer who got one of the worst Christmas gifts ever in the form of being dumped by her agent. This one, by the ever-fabulous Brodi Ashton is a similar story.

Then there's this post, that shares snippets of the rude and discouraging comments made to authors who went on to become household names.

So read and enjoy, peeps. And if any of you have your own stories to share, whether they're rejection horror stories or tales of the sun finally breaking through the clouds, please do!


  1. I've read Kimberly's before. I love the series (just finished The Last Echo this weekend), so I was shocked at some of the rejections she received.

    Brodi's boyfriend comment cracked me up. Yeah, I'd blame the other girl, too.

    Thanks for this great post, Gina!!!!

  2. I love Brodi Ashton's story. It's always been the one I go to when I'm particularly fed up with it all! Love all the links, Gina!

  3. I am going to enjoy these right now lol