Monday, January 16, 2012

It's About Freaking Time

I'm back! How is everybody?

I honestly had no intention of not blogging for this long, but things got a bit crazy around here and the blog is what suffered. (Well, the blog and ME. Damn stress.)

The good news is, I used the time I wasn't blogging to finish WiP # 2!! Woo hoo!!

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It was such a high to finish.

I edited like a machine all weekend last week so I could get it off to my Round One CP's.

And then the high promptly crashed. Beta readers = more revisions = more time I'll have to find in between scrubbing toilets and cooking dinner and my full time job. I might have even cried about it.

Then I realized, this is the beauty of not being agented: Deadlines don't exist for me. I can take all the time I need to tackle those revisions, and no one will care. I can stew over them for as long as I like until I'm happy with what I invent. But I'm my own worst nightmare, and I want my novel as perfect as possible as SOON as possible.

If only I had the freaking time.

So what's new and exciting with you, peeps? How are all your projects going?


  1. I love revising more than writing the first draft. I'm in a hurry to get my WIP draft done because there's no point in nitpicking lines if I'm just going to delete the whole scene later.

  2. It's a lot of work to keep revising, definitely, but getting that draft done is such a huge accomplishment! Congrats!

  3. Hi Gina! I'm glad to see you're back. Congrats on finishing the draft!! I'm so proud of you. :) And yes, having plenty of time to revise and such IS one of the perks of being unagented. I'm taking a sort of hiatus from my novels in order to think things out and also finish critiques for my CPs.

  4. Welcome back and it sounds like your time away was productive. I recently hauled out an old novel from years ago and realized it was worth the work, so I'm revising it, big time, and actually enjoying it.

  5. I was thinking about you the other day and wondering what you were up to. I guess this answers my question. Congrats on finishing! I can understand your adrenaline rush to get your WIP in working order so people can read it ASAP. That's when all the hard work starts pays off.

  6. Congratulations on finishing your revisions and sending it off! That's a really big deal! :)

    You mean we actually have to do housework while writing? Uh oh! ;)

  7. Those crit groups can be so valuable to catch all those things you missed self-editing. It can be shocking to find places you've dropped the ball, believe me, I know! But it's just an awesome accomplishment to have the draft finished, so give yourself the time to rest on your laurels a bit (I say this, but of course I've never DONE this after finishing a manuscript...).

  8. Good job on finishing your wip that is a huge accomplishment. You scrub toliets? I let my kids do it. ;)I'm glad you're back.


    I'm glad you're back but I didn't really notice that much that you were gone. Probably because I'm LUCKY TO BE YOUR CP.


  10. Congrats on finishing!!! I love your positive spin about being unagented, too. Glad you're back.