Monday, November 26, 2012

My #PitchWars Wish List And Deets On How To Submit!

Can I just tell you all (again) how beyond excited I am to have the opportunity to mentor in Brenda Drake's Pitch Wars contest? Because I am!

And... Today is the day when I get to share my wish list! It's like Christmas up in here!

But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Tis I.  Touched up? What? Who said that?

I am a writer and avid reader of young adult novels. I sometimes (okay, quite often) prefer books to the company of real people. Smallville is my favorite TV show of ever, or at least the first six seasons were. I believe everything tastes better fried and/or covered in chocolate. Related: I hate to cook, but my Ipod and the spontaneous solo dance parties I have in my kitchen make it bearable. I am the World's Slowest Drafter, known for cracking up or crying at my own writing, and prone to the occasional egotistical outburst on Twitter (all in good fun, promise). I'm going to my first SCBWI conference in February, and I am represented by John M. Cusick at the Scott Treimel agency. You can read about the YA Contemporary romance he signed me for here.

What to expect in a critique from me:
-Honesty, first and foremost.

When I absolutely luuuuurve something about your manuscript, I don't hold back the praise. But I will also be honest, in the most constructive way possible, about anything that might need tweaking in order to make the novel work better.

- Checks on grammar, repeated phrases, correct use of "who" vs. "that" etc.
(I was an English major, I can't help myself.) Also?

- Demands for more kissing

Totally kidding about this one. Sort of.

And now......In the Categories of Young Adult and New Adult...... Please pitch to me your:

-Contemporary and Contemporary Romance!
I want something that will make me do this:



ALL IN THE SAME BOOK! I want to feel like I just ran through an obstacle course of searing, burgeoning teenage emotion. Or new adult emotion. I like sexy, smart, and funny. Romance is my bread and butter.

-Thrillers and Psychological Thrillers with a Strong Romantic Element
If your book can keep me on the edge of my seat or make me question my own sanity while still making me swoon, consider my interest piqued. In other words, THIS:

Plus THIS:

= Gina coming after you with Grabby Hands

Paranormal Romance
Yes, I'm still a fan of paranormal. I don't mind creatures, though I admit I prefer my paranormal elements to be ghostly rather than vampirical or lupine. But Imma post a picture of Taylor Lautner's abs anyway. You're welcome.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys are working on and helping you make it the best it can be! (And if you'd like to know some specific books that make me tick, check out my "Books We're Thankful For" post on the YA Misfits Blog today!


Submissions start today (11/26) ! The cut off time to get your applications (query & first five pages of manuscript) in is 8PM EST on December 5

Send your applications to Writers can apply for up to 3 coaches. The coaches' categories are set. Coaches can only consider the categories they've signed up for. Writers cannot apply for a coach who is not in their category.

For additional information about this contest go HERE 

·        This is open to finished manuscripts only.

·         You may only enter one manuscript.

·         Only the genres requested by each coach will be considered for the contest.


Subject line: Pitch Wars Application: Coach Name you want to apply for: Title (Example: Pitch Wars Application: Brenda Drake: GONE WITH THE WIND)

Name: Your Name

Genre: The genre of your manuscript

Word Count: The word count of your manuscript

Query letter here  (embedded in email). Single spaced. No indentions. A space between each paragraph.

First five pages of the manuscript here (embedded in email). Single spaced. No indentions. A space between each paragraph.


REMINDER: You can send an application for up to 3 coaches.

Check back soon for a complete list of the amazing agents participating in the contest. There's over a dozen!
Today all the coaches are posting bios/wish lists on their blogs. So before choosing your top 3 picks, check all the coaches' posts in your category before deciding which coach to submit. To jump from blog to blog, just click on our pictures below. 

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  1. To laugh and cry (in the reading) and get a smack of honesty sounds like a great start for mentoring! Cheers!